TYPO3 is an open source PHP based web content management system released under the GNU GPL. It has been discovered that TYPO3 CMS is susceptible to host spoofing due to improper validation of the HTTP Host header. TYPO3 uses the HTTP Host header, for example, to generate absolute URLs during the frontend rendering process. Since the host header itself is provided by the client, it can be forged to any value, even in a name-based virtual hosts environment. This vulnerability is the same as described in TYPO3-CORE-SA-2014-001 (CVE-2014-3941). A regression, introduced during TYPO3 v11 development, led to this situation. The already existing setting $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['trustedHostsPattern'] (used as an effective mitigation strategy in previous TYPO3 versions) was not evaluated anymore, and reintroduced the vulnerability.

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09 Oct 2021, 02:51

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CVSS v2 : unknown
v3 : 4.8
v2 : 5.0
v3 : 5.3
CPE cpe:2.3:a:typo3:typo3:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
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05 Oct 2021, 19:03

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Published : 2021-10-05 18:15

Updated : 2021-10-09 02:51

NVD link : CVE-2021-41114

Mitre link : CVE-2021-41114

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Improper Neutralization of HTTP Headers for Scripting Syntax


Improper Input Validation