A vulnerability was found in Panwei eoffice OA up to 9.5. It has been declared as critical. This vulnerability affects unknown code of the file /general/system/interface/theme_set/save_image.php of the component Backend. The manipulation of the argument image_type leads to path traversal: '../filedir'. The attack can be initiated remotely. The exploit has been disclosed to the public and may be used. The identifier of this vulnerability is VDB-259072.

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03 Apr 2024, 12:38

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  • (es) Se encontró una vulnerabilidad en Panwei eoffice OA hasta 9.5. Ha sido declarada crítica. Esta vulnerabilidad afecta a código desconocido del archivo /general/system/interface/theme_set/save_image.php del componente Backend. La manipulación del argumento tipo_imagen conduce al path traversal: '../filedir'. El ataque se puede iniciar de forma remota. El exploit ha sido divulgado al público y puede utilizarse. El identificador de esta vulnerabilidad es VDB-259072.

03 Apr 2024, 03:15

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Published : 2024-04-03 03:15

Updated : 2024-04-11 01:25

NVD link : CVE-2024-3227

Mitre link : CVE-2024-3227

CVE.ORG link : CVE-2024-3227

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Path Traversal: '../filedir'