Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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CVE-2020-27837 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2020-12-30 4.4 MEDIUM 6.4 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in GDM in versions prior to A race condition in the handling of session shutdown makes it possible to bypass the lock screen for a user that has autologin enabled, accessing their session without authentication. This is similar to CVE-2017-12164, but requires more difficult conditions to exploit.
CVE-2020-16125 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2020-11-24 4.6 MEDIUM 6.8 MEDIUM
gdm3 versions before 3.36.2 or 3.38.2 would start gnome-initial-setup if gdm3 can't contact the accountservice service via dbus in a timely manner; on Ubuntu (and potentially derivatives) this could be be chained with an additional issue that could allow a local user to create a new privileged account.
CVE-2016-1000002 4 Debian, Gnome, Opensuse and 1 more 4 Debian Linux, Gnome Display Manager, Leap and 1 more 2020-08-18 2.1 LOW 2.4 LOW
gdm3 3.14.2 and possibly later has an information leak before screen lock
CVE-2019-3825 3 Canonical, Gnome, Redhat 3 Ubuntu Linux, Gnome Display Manager, Enterprise Linux 2019-10-09 6.9 MEDIUM 6.4 MEDIUM
A vulnerability was discovered in gdm before 3.31.4. When timed login is enabled in configuration, an attacker could bypass the lock screen by selecting the timed login user and waiting for the timer to expire, at which time they would gain access to the logged-in user's session.
CVE-2017-12164 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2019-10-09 6.9 MEDIUM 6.4 MEDIUM
A flaw was discovered in gdm 3.24.1 where gdm greeter was no longer setting the ran_once boolean during autologin. If autologin was enabled for a victim, an attacker could simply select 'login as another user' to unlock their screen.
CVE-2018-14424 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2018-10-18 4.6 MEDIUM 7.8 HIGH
The daemon in GDM through 3.29.1 does not properly unexport display objects from its D-Bus interface when they are destroyed, which allows a local attacker to trigger a use-after-free via a specially crafted sequence of D-Bus method calls, resulting in a denial of service or potential code execution.
CVE-2015-7496 2 Fedoraproject, Gnome 2 Fedora, Gnome Display Manager 2018-01-05 7.2 HIGH N/A
GNOME Display Manager (gdm) before 3.18.2 allows physically proximate attackers to bypass the lock screen by holding the Escape key.
CVE-2010-2387 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2017-08-17 1.9 LOW N/A
vicious-extensions/ve-misc.c in GNOME Display Manager (gdm) 2.20.x before 2.20.11, when GDM debug is enabled, logs the user password when it contains invalid UTF8 encoded characters, which might allow local users to gain privileges by reading the information from syslog logs.
CVE-2013-7273 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2014-04-30 2.1 LOW N/A
GNOME Display Manager (gdm) 3.4.1 and earlier, when disable-user-list is set to true, allows local users to cause a denial of service (unable to login) by pressing the cancel button after entering a user name.
CVE-2013-4169 1 Gnome 1 Gnome Display Manager 2013-09-12 6.9 MEDIUM N/A
GNOME Display Manager (gdm) before 2.21.1 allows local users to change permissions of arbitrary directories via a symlink attack on /tmp/.X11-unix/.