Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS v2 CVSS v3
CVE-2017-18847 1 Netgear 14 D8500, D8500 Firmware, R6400 and 11 more 2020-04-22 2.1 LOW 5.5 MEDIUM
Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by an attacker's ability to read arbitrary files. This affects R6400v2 before, R7000P/R6900P before, R7900 before, R8300 before, R8500 before, and D8500 before
CVE-2019-20762 1 Netgear 28 D8500, D8500 Firmware, R6400 and 25 more 2020-04-22 5.2 MEDIUM 6.8 MEDIUM
Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by a buffer overflow by an authenticated user. This affects D8500 before, R8500 before, R8300 before, R8000 before, R7300DST before, R7100LG before, R6900P before, R7900P before, R8000P before, R7000P before, R7000 before, R6900 before, R6700 before, and R6400 before
CVE-2019-20756 1 Netgear 36 Ex3700, Ex3700 Firmware, Ex3800 and 33 more 2020-04-21 4.3 MEDIUM 6.1 MEDIUM
Certain NETGEAR devices are affected by reflected XSS. This affects EX7000 before, EX6200 before, EX6150 before, EX6130 before, EX6120 before, EX6100 before, EX6000 before, EX3700 before, EX3800 before, R8300 before, R7300DST before, R7000P before, R6900P before, R6400 before, R6300v2 before, R8500 before, WNDR3400v3 before, and WN2500RPv2 before
CVE-2019-17372 1 Netgear 66 Ac1450, Ac1450 Firmware, D8500 and 63 more 2019-10-18 4.3 MEDIUM 8.1 HIGH
Certain NETGEAR devices allow remote attackers to disable all authentication requirements by visiting genieDisableLanChanged.cgi. The attacker can then, for example, visit MNU_accessPassword_recovered.html to obtain a valid new admin password. This affects AC1450, D8500, DC112A, JNDR3000, LG2200D, R4500, R6200, R6200V2, R6250, R6300, R6300v2, R6400, R6700, R6900P, R6900, R7000P, R7000, R7100LG, R7300, R7900, R8000, R8300, R8500, WGR614v10, WN2500RPv2, WNDR3400v2, WNDR3700v3, WNDR4000, WNDR4500, WNDR4500v2, WNR1000, WNR1000v3, WNR3500L, and WNR3500L.