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CVE-2023-47128 1 Piccolo-orm 1 Piccolo 2023-12-10 N/A 9.1 CRITICAL
Piccolo is an object-relational mapping and query builder which supports asyncio. Prior to version 1.1.1, the handling of named transaction `savepoints` in all database implementations is vulnerable to SQL Injection via f-strings. While the likelihood of an end developer exposing a `savepoints` `name` parameter to a user is highly unlikely, it would not be unheard of. If a malicious user was able to abuse this functionality they would have essentially direct access to the database and the ability to modify data to the level of permissions associated with the database user. A non exhaustive list of actions possible based on database permissions is: Read all data stored in the database, including usernames and password hashes; insert arbitrary data into the database, including modifying existing records; and gain a shell on the underlying server. Version 1.1.1 fixes this issue.
CVE-2023-41885 1 Piccolo-orm 1 Piccolo 2023-12-10 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
Piccolo is an ORM and query builder which supports asyncio. In versions 0.120.0 and prior, the implementation of `BaseUser.login` leaks enough information to a malicious user such that they would be able to successfully generate a list of valid users on the platform. As Piccolo on its own does not also enforce strong passwords, these lists of valid accounts are likely to be used in a password spray attack with the outcome being attempted takeover of user accounts on the platform. The impact of this vulnerability is minor as it requires chaining with other attack vectors in order to gain more then simply a list of valid users on the underlying platform. The likelihood of this vulnerability is possible as it requires minimal skills to pull off, especially given the underlying login functionality for Piccolo based sites is open source. This issue has been patched in version 0.121.0.