Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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CVE-2024-34055 1 Cyrusimap 1 Cyrus Imap 2024-06-11 N/A 6.5 MEDIUM
Cyrus IMAP before 3.8.3 and 3.10.x before 3.10.0-rc1 allows authenticated attackers to cause unbounded memory allocation by sending many LITERALs in a single command.
CVE-2017-12843 2 Cyrusimap, Fedoraproject 2 Cyrus Imap, Fedora 2023-12-10 4.0 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
Cyrus IMAP before 3.0.3 allows remote authenticated users to write to arbitrary files via a crafted (1) SYNCAPPLY, (2) SYNCGET or (3) SYNCRESTORE command.