Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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CVE-2024-5262 1 Projectdiscovery 1 Interactsh 2024-06-11 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
Files or Directories Accessible to External Parties vulnerability in smb server in ProjectDiscovery Interactsh allows remote attackers to read/write any files in the directory and subdirectories of where the victim runs interactsh-server via anonymous login.
CVE-2023-37896 1 Projectdiscovery 1 Nuclei 2023-12-10 N/A 7.5 HIGH
Nuclei is a vulnerability scanner. Prior to version 2.9.9, a security issue in the Nuclei project affected users utilizing Nuclei as Go code (SDK) running custom templates. This issue did not affect CLI users. The problem was related to sanitization issues with payload loading in sandbox mode. There was a potential risk with payloads loading in sandbox mode. The issue occurred due to relative paths not being converted to absolute paths before doing the check for `sandbox` flag allowing arbitrary files to be read on the filesystem in certain cases when using Nuclei from `Go` SDK implementation. This issue has been fixed in version 2.9.9. The maintainers have also enabled sandbox by default for filesystem loading. This can be optionally disabled if required. The `-sandbox` option has been deprecated and is now divided into two new options: `-lfa` (allow local file access) which is enabled by default and `-lna` (restrict local network access) which can be enabled by users optionally. The `-lfa` allows file (payload) access anywhere on the system (disabling sandbox effectively), and `-lna` blocks connections to the local/private network.
CVE-2023-36474 1 Projectdiscovery 1 Interactsh 2023-12-10 N/A 6.1 MEDIUM
Interactsh is an open-source tool for detecting out-of-band interactions. Domains configured with interactsh server prior to version 1.0.0 were vulnerable to subdomain takeover for a specific subdomain, i.e `app.` Interactsh server used to create cname entries for `app` pointing to `` as default, which intended to used for hosting interactsh web client using GitHub pages. This is a security issue with a self-hosted interactsh server in which the user may not have configured a web client but still have a CNAME entry pointing to GitHub pages, making them vulnerable to subdomain takeover. This allows a threat actor to host / run arbitrary client side code (cross-site scripting) in a user's browser when browsing the vulnerable subdomain. Version 1.0.0 fixes this issue by making CNAME optional, rather than default.