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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS v2 CVSS v3
CVE-2021-33683 1 Sap 2 Internet Communication Manager, Web Dispatcher 2023-09-28 4.0 MEDIUM 4.3 MEDIUM
SAP Web Dispatcher and Internet Communication Manager (ICM), versions - KRNL32NUC 7.21, 7.21EXT, 7.22, 7.22EXT, KRNL32UC 7.21, 7.21EXT, 7.22, 7.22EXT, KRNL64NUC 7.21, 7.21EXT, 7.22, 7.22EXT, 7.49, KRNL64UC 7.21, 7.21EXT, 7.22, 7.22EXT, 7.49, 7.53, 7.73, WEBDISP 7.53, 7.73, 7.77, 7.81, 7.82, 7.83, KERNEL 7.21, 7.22, 7.49, 7.53, 7.73, 7.77, 7.81, 7.82, 7.83, process invalid HTTP header. The incorrect handling of the invalid Transfer-Encoding header in a particular manner leads to a possibility of HTTP Request Smuggling attack. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to bypass web application firewall protection, divert sensitive data such as customer requests, session credentials, etc.
CVE-2022-22536 1 Sap 3 Content Server, Netweaver Application Server Abap, Web Dispatcher 2023-09-27 10.0 HIGH 10.0 CRITICAL
SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP, SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java, ABAP Platform, SAP Content Server 7.53 and SAP Web Dispatcher are vulnerable for request smuggling and request concatenation. An unauthenticated attacker can prepend a victim's request with arbitrary data. This way, the attacker can execute functions impersonating the victim or poison intermediary Web caches. A successful attack could result in complete compromise of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the system.
CVE-2020-6205 1 Sap 1 Netweaver As Abap Business Server Pages 2023-09-26 4.3 MEDIUM 6.1 MEDIUM
SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Business Server Pages (Smart Forms), SAP_BASIS versions- 7.00, 7.01, 7.02, 7.10, 7.11, 7.30, 7.31, 7.40, 7.50, 7.51, 7.52, 7.53, 7.54; does not sufficiently encode user controlled inputs, allowing an unauthenticated attacker to non-permanently deface or modify displayed content and/or steal authentication information of the user and/or impersonate the user and access all information with the same rights as the target user, leading to Reflected Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability.
CVE-2013-3061 1 Sap 2 Erp Central Component, Healthcare Industry Solution 2023-09-26 6.5 MEDIUM N/A
The ISHMED-PATRED_TRANSACT_RFCCALL function in the IS-H Industry-Specific Component Hospital subsystem in SAP Healthcare Industry Solution, and the SAP ERP central component (aka ECC 6), allows remote authenticated users to bypass intended transaction restrictions via unspecified vectors.
CVE-2023-40308 1 Sap 9 Commoncryptolib, Content Server, Extended Application Services And Runtime and 6 more 2023-09-15 N/A 7.5 HIGH
SAP CommonCryptoLib allows an unauthenticated attacker to craft a request, which when submitted to an open port causes a memory corruption error in a library which in turn causes the target component to crash making it unavailable. There is no ability to view or modify any information.
CVE-2023-40309 1 Sap 9 Commoncryptolib, Content Server, Extended Application Services And Runtime and 6 more 2023-09-15 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
SAP CommonCryptoLib does not perform necessary authentication checks, which may result in missing or wrong authorization checks for an authenticated user, resulting in escalation of privileges. Depending on the application and the level of privileges acquired, an attacker could abuse functionality restricted to a particular user group as well as read, modify or delete restricted data.
CVE-2023-40624 1 Sap 1 Netweaver Application Server Abap 2023-09-15 N/A 5.4 MEDIUM
SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP (applications based on Unified Rendering) - versions SAP_UI 754, SAP_UI 755, SAP_UI 756, SAP_UI 757, SAP_UI 758, SAP_BASIS 702, SAP_BASIS 731, allows an attacker to inject JavaScript code that can be executed in the web-application. An attacker could thereby control the behavior of this web-application.
CVE-2023-41369 1 Sap 1 S\/4 Hana 2023-09-14 N/A 4.3 MEDIUM
The Create Single Payment application of SAP S/4HANA - versions 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, allows an attacker to upload the XML file as an attachment. When clicked on the XML file in the attachment section, the file gets opened in the browser to cause the entity loops to slow down the browser.
CVE-2023-41368 1 Sap 1 S\/4 Hana 2023-09-14 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
The OData service of the S4 HANA (Manage checkbook apps) - versions 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, allows an attacker to change the checkbook name by simulating an update OData call.
CVE-2023-37489 1 Sap 1 Businessobjects Business Intelligence 2023-09-14 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
Due to the lack of validation, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Version Management System) - version 403, permits an unauthenticated user to read the code snippet through the UI, which leads to low impact on confidentiality and no impact on the application's availability or integrity.
CVE-2023-41367 1 Sap 1 Netweaver 2023-09-13 N/A 5.3 MEDIUM
Due to missing authentication check in webdynpro application, an unauthorized user in SAP NetWeaver (Guided Procedures) - version 7.50, can gain access to admin view of specific function anonymously. On successful exploitation of vulnerability under specific circumstances, attacker can view user’s email address. There is no integrity/availability impact.
CVE-2023-42472 1 Sap 1 Businessobjects Business Intelligence Platform 2023-09-13 N/A 7.3 HIGH
Due to insufficient file type validation, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Web Intelligence HTML interface) - version 420, allows a report creator to upload files from local system into the report over the network. When uploading the image file, an authenticated attacker could intercept the request, modify the content type and the extension to read and modify sensitive data causing a high impact on confidentiality and integrity of the application.
CVE-2023-40625 1 Sap 1 S4core 2023-09-13 N/A 5.4 MEDIUM
S4CORE (Manage Purchase Contracts App) - versions 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, does not perform necessary authorization checks for an authenticated user. This could allow an attacker to perform unintended actions resulting in escalation of privileges which has low impact on confidentiality and integrity with no impact on availibility of the system.
CVE-2023-40621 1 Sap 1 Powerdesigner 2023-09-13 N/A 6.3 MEDIUM
SAP PowerDesigner Client - version 16.7, allows an unauthenticated attacker to inject VBScript code in a document and have it opened by an unsuspecting user, to have it executed by the application on behalf of the user. The application has a security option to disable or prompt users before untrusted scripts are executed, but this is not set as default.
CVE-2023-40622 1 Sap 1 Businessobjects Business Intelligence 2023-09-13 N/A 9.9 CRITICAL
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Promotion Management) - versions 420, 430, under certain condition allows an authenticated attacker to view sensitive information which is otherwise restricted. On successful exploitation, the attacker can completely compromise the application causing high impact on confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
CVE-2023-40623 1 Sap 1 Businessobjects 2023-09-13 N/A 7.1 HIGH
SAP BusinessObjects Suite Installer - version 420, 430, allows an attacker within the network to create a directory under temporary directory and link it to a directory with operating system files. On successful exploitation the attacker can delete all the operating system files causing a limited impact on integrity and completely compromising the availability of the system.
CVE-2023-40306 1 Sap 1 S\/4hana 2023-09-13 N/A 6.1 MEDIUM
SAP S/4HANA Manage Catalog Items and Cross-Catalog searches Fiori apps allow an attacker to redirect users to a malicious site due to insufficient URL validation. As a result, it may have a slight impact on confidentiality and integrity.
CVE-2023-39438 1 Sap 1 Contributor License Agreement Assistant 2023-08-22 N/A 8.1 HIGH
A missing authorization check allows an arbitrary authenticated user to perform certain operations through the API of CLA-assistant by executing specific additional steps. This allows an arbitrary authenticated user to read CLA information including information of the persons who signed them as well as custom fields the CLA requester had configured. In addition, an arbitrary authenticated user can update or delete the CLA-configuration for repositories or organizations using CLA-assistant. The stored access tokens for GitHub are not affected, as these are redacted from the API-responses.
CVE-2023-39439 1 Sap 2 Commerce Cloud, Commerce Hycom 2023-08-15 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
SAP Commerce Cloud may accept an empty passphrase for user ID and passphrase authentication, allowing users to log into the system without a passphrase.
CVE-2023-37486 1 Sap 2 Commerce Cloud, Commerce Hycom 2023-08-15 N/A 7.5 HIGH
Under certain conditions SAP Commerce (OCC API) - versions HY_COM 2105, HY_COM 2205, COM_CLOUD 2211, endpoints allow an attacker to access information which would otherwise be restricted. On successful exploitation there could be a high impact on confidentiality with no impact on integrity and availability of the application.