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CVE-2024-23636 1 Sofastack 1 Sofarpc 2024-02-01 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
SOFARPC is a Java RPC framework. SOFARPC defaults to using the SOFA Hessian protocol to deserialize received data, while the SOFA Hessian protocol uses a blacklist mechanism to restrict deserialization of potentially dangerous classes for security protection. But, prior to version 5.12.0, there is a gadget chain that can bypass the SOFA Hessian blacklist protection mechanism, and this gadget chain only relies on JDK and does not rely on any third-party components. Version 5.12.0 fixed this issue by adding a blacklist. SOFARPC also provides a way to add additional blacklists. Users can add a class like `-Drpc_serialize_blacklist_override=org.apache.xpath.` to avoid this issue.
CVE-2023-41331 1 Sofastack 1 Sofarpc 2023-12-10 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
SOFARPC is a Java RPC framework. Versions prior to 5.11.0 are vulnerable to remote command execution. Through a carefully crafted payload, an attacker can achieve JNDI injection or system command execution. In the default configuration of the SOFARPC framework, a blacklist is used to filter out dangerous classes encountered during the deserialization process. However, the blacklist is not comprehensive, and an actor can exploit certain native JDK classes and common third-party packages to construct gadget chains capable of achieving JNDI injection or system command execution attacks. Version 5.11.0 contains a fix for this issue. As a workaround, users can add `-Drpc_serialize_blacklist_override=javax.sound.sampled.AudioFileFormat` to the blacklist.