Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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CVE-2021-3744 5 Debian, Fedoraproject, Linux and 2 more 24 Debian Linux, Fedora, Linux Kernel and 21 more 2023-02-02 2.1 LOW 5.5 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in the Linux kernel. A memory leak in the ccp-ops crypto driver can allow attackers to cause a denial of service. This vulnerability is similar with the older CVE-2019-18808. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability.
CVE-2021-3669 5 Debian, Fedoraproject, Ibm and 2 more 24 Debian Linux, Fedora, Spectrum Copy Data Management and 21 more 2023-02-02 N/A 5.5 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in the Linux kernel. Measuring usage of the shared memory does not scale with large shared memory segment counts which could lead to resource exhaustion and DoS.
CVE-2021-3609 3 Linux, Netapp, Redhat 43 Linux Kernel, H300e, H300e Firmware and 40 more 2023-02-02 6.9 MEDIUM 7.0 HIGH
A flaw was found in the CAN BCM networking protocol in the Linux kernel, where a local attacker can abuse a flaw in the CAN subsystem to corrupt memory, crash the system or escalate privileges.
CVE-2022-4116 2 Quarkus, Redhat 2 Quarkus, Build Of Quarkus 2022-12-02 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
A vulnerability was found in quarkus. This security flaw happens in Dev UI Config Editor which is vulnerable to drive-by localhost attacks leading to remote code execution.
CVE-2022-1259 2 Netapp, Redhat 10 Active Iq Unified Manager, Cloud Secure Agent, Oncommand Insight and 7 more 2022-11-07 N/A 7.5 HIGH
A flaw was found in Undertow. A potential security issue in flow control handling by the browser over HTTP/2 may cause overhead or a denial of service in the server. This flaw exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2021-3629.
CVE-2022-1011 6 Debian, Fedoraproject, Linux and 3 more 38 Debian Linux, Fedora, Linux Kernel and 35 more 2022-10-12 4.6 MEDIUM 7.8 HIGH
A use-after-free flaw was found in the Linux kernel’s FUSE filesystem in the way a user triggers write(). This flaw allows a local user to gain unauthorized access to data from the FUSE filesystem, resulting in privilege escalation.
CVE-2021-4178 1 Redhat 9 A-mq Streams, Build Of Quarkus, Descision Manager and 6 more 2022-10-04 N/A 6.7 MEDIUM
A arbitrary code execution flaw was found in the Fabric 8 Kubernetes client affecting versions 5.0.0-beta-1 and above. Due to an improperly configured YAML parsing, this will allow a local and privileged attacker to supply malicious YAML.
CVE-2021-3914 1 Redhat 3 Build Of Quarkus, Openshift Application Runtimes, Smallrye Health 2022-09-02 N/A 6.1 MEDIUM
It was found that the smallrye health metrics UI component did not properly sanitize some user inputs. An attacker could use this flaw to conduct cross-site scripting attacks.
CVE-2019-14900 3 Hibernate, Quarkus, Redhat 11 Hibernate Orm, Quarkus, Build Of Quarkus and 8 more 2022-04-29 4.0 MEDIUM 6.5 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Hibernate ORM in versions before 5.3.18, 5.4.18 and 5.5.0.Beta1. A SQL injection in the implementation of the JPA Criteria API can permit unsanitized literals when a literal is used in the SELECT or GROUP BY parts of the query. This flaw could allow an attacker to access unauthorized information or possibly conduct further attacks.
CVE-2021-3642 2 Quarkus, Redhat 13 Quarkus, Build Of Quarkus, Codeready Studio and 10 more 2021-10-20 3.5 LOW 5.3 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Wildfly Elytron in versions prior to 1.10.14.Final, prior to 1.15.5.Final and prior to 1.16.1.Final where ScramServer may be susceptible to Timing Attack if enabled. The highest threat of this vulnerability is confidentiality.
CVE-2021-3536 1 Redhat 9 Build Of Quarkus, Data Grid, Descision Manager and 6 more 2021-05-26 3.5 LOW 4.8 MEDIUM
A flaw was found in Wildfly in versions before 23.0.2.Final while creating a new role in domain mode via the admin console, it is possible to add a payload in the name field, leading to XSS. This affects Confidentiality and Integrity.
CVE-2021-20218 1 Redhat 9 A-mq Online, Build Of Quarkus, Codeready Studio and 6 more 2021-03-25 5.8 MEDIUM 7.4 HIGH
A flaw was found in the fabric8 kubernetes-client in version 4.2.0 and after. This flaw allows a malicious pod/container to cause applications using the fabric8 kubernetes-client `copy` command to extract files outside the working path. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to integrity and system availability. This has been fixed in kubernetes-client-4.13.2 kubernetes-client-5.0.2 kubernetes-client-4.11.2 kubernetes-client-4.7.2