Vulnerabilities (CVE)

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Total 6 CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS v2 CVSS v3
CVE-2023-2110 4 Apple, Linux, Microsoft and 1 more 4 Macos, Linux Kernel, Windows and 1 more 2023-12-10 N/A 7.1 HIGH
Improper path handling in Obsidian desktop before 1.2.8 on Windows, Linux and macOS allows a crafted webpage to access local files and exfiltrate them to remote web servers via "app://local/<absolute-path>". This vulnerability can be exploited if a user opens a malicious markdown file in Obsidian, or copies text from a malicious webpage and paste it into Obsidian.
CVE-2023-27035 1 Obsidian 1 Obsidian 2023-12-10 N/A 7.5 HIGH
An issue discovered in Obsidian Canvas 1.1.9 allows remote attackers to send desktop notifications, record user audio and other unspecified impacts via embedded website on the canvas page.
CVE-2023-33244 1 Obsidian 1 Obsidian 2023-12-10 N/A 8.2 HIGH
Obsidian before 1.2.2 allows calls to unintended APIs (for microphone access, camera access, and desktop notification) via an embedded web page.
CVE-2022-36450 1 Obsidian 1 Obsidian 2023-12-10 N/A 9.8 CRITICAL
Obsidian 0.14.x and 0.15.x before 0.15.5 allows obsidian://hook-get-address remote code execution because is used without checking the URL.
CVE-2021-42057 1 Obsidian 1 Obsidian Dataview 2023-12-10 9.3 HIGH 7.8 HIGH
Obsidian Dataview through 0.4.12-hotfix1 allows eval injection. The evalInContext function in executes user input, which allows an attacker to craft malicious Markdown files that will execute arbitrary code once opened. NOTE: 0.4.13 provides a mitigation for some use cases.
CVE-2021-38148 1 Obsidian 1 Obsidian 2023-12-10 7.5 HIGH 9.8 CRITICAL
Obsidian before 0.12.12 does not require user confirmation for non-http/https URLs.